Hidden Job In Canada, Australia Or The United Kingdom You Can Get

To successfully and quickly get a job in Canada, Australia or the United Kingdom, below are a few things to do.

In this post, we will be sharing a few secrets to get a job in Canada, Australia or the United Kingdom. So, sit back and take the time to read through all we will be exposing to you here.

2. Clean Up Your Social Media Profiles

We recently published a report about US demanding social media accounts during VISA process. That’s not only handy for immigration process.

Most employers in this time and age, tend to go through your social media profiles before giving you a job. They tend to look at the kinda stuffs you post, the kinda things you support ET cetera. You want to be on the safer side, keep a clean social media profile.

1. Finetune Your Name

Some would say, change your name. I’m not sure if that sounds right hence, I’d rather say finetune your name.

Reason for this is, often at times, people tend to bear native names like Chukwuemeka Chibuzor Michael. That’s not gonna be easy for most employers in foreign countries to pronounce or even remember. So, rather than have that stress themselves every time before being able to even mention your name, why not go with your English name instead? If your English name is Mike, use that instead. Hence, your name could be Mike Michael. Now, how does that sound? Much better, right?

Trust me, having an English name has its advantages. At least, In a foreign country.

4. Set Up A Personal Website

Consider this as a sequel to the number 3 tip above. Having a personal domain name is a step but it doesn’t stop there. You want to create a website under that personal domain name of yours.

So, what’s the best kind of site you can create under that domain name? Your personal site. More like, your biography or portfolio.

This can be just a one page site so, it’s really not difficult.

5. Have A LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn speaks professionalism. As a matter of fact, LinkedIn is a professional site where people connect with other people on a professional level. Hence, if looking for a job in a foreign company, have a LinkedIn account and make it appear really professional.

3. Get A Personal Domain Name

This isn’t a big deal especially in your choice of profession, it can be a plus. Again, depending on your area of professionalism, having a personal domain name connotes being tech savvy. If looking to get a job in a IT firm, this can be a noticeable difference.

As funny as it sounds, LinkedIn can be your internet CV in this time and age.

6. Hunt For Jobs

Having followed all the tips above, the next step would be hunting for jobs. You don’t expect a job should just come on your sleeping bed or desk. You’ve got to go out for it.

You’ve got to be willing to put in the work. Now, having all of those above, tend to make the process more simple. Why? It shows some level of professionalism when you include all the details above in your resume.

There are a few foreign sites that tend to post jobs offers from time to time. You should check them out here.

That’s it, guys. Those are the secrets to getting a job in Canada, Australia and the United States.