Things you need to do, To Legitimately Become A Canadian Citizen

Now, living in Canada can be temporarily or permanently. Even if you choose to stay in Canada permanently, it doesn’t automatically make you a citizen. You’d still have to go through some processes to become a Canadian citizen legitimately.

Canada as you know, is one of the best countries you can migrate to. We like to think you know this already. I mean, isn’t that the reason you are here in the first place? ?

As earlier mentioned, there are just a few processes you will need to undergo. That and more, we aim to share with you here. Hence, please take the time to read through.

In this post, we will be talking on the subject matter and equally guide you on the steps necessary to become a legitimate Canadian citizen even though you moved into the country from another.

First Things First…

If you are still on the verge of immigrating to Canada, we have a few handy information on how you can do that.

Now, having gotten to Canada, you’d have to choose if you want to be in Canada temporarily or permanently. Choosing the permanent option does have its own due processes. This is necessary before you even get the chance at getting a Canadian citizenship.

Requirement To Gain Canadian Citizenship

Having received your permanent stay permit which also means permanent resident permit, it is required that you live in the country for at least 1095 days in a period of five years as a permanent resident.

In the space of that same 5 years, you must fulfils all tax laws for at least three years.

Having passed that, you will be required to take a language proficiency test. This is going to be in either English or French. Whichever one you are more comfortable with. Once you pass that, you can begin the official application process as listed below:

  1. Assemble all documents requested for in the Application Package.
  2. Cross-check the documents and forms to make sure you didn’t make a mistake.
  3. Mail the application forms together with the requested documents to the CIO (Centralised Intake Office) located in Sydney, Nova Scotia.
  4. Get the Canadian Citizen Application Package. This package contains forms for you and all your offsprings, which you have to download and fill out.
  5. Proceed to pay the application fee as stipulated in the Application Package.
  6. Wait for your application to be approved.
  7. If approved, proceed to take the Citizenship Test. Your children above the age of 18 years would also be required to take the test.
  8.  If your fingerprints are requested for during the application process, provide them promptly.

If the application is successful, that’s good.

Benefits Of Being A Canadian Citizen?

There are quite a lot of benefits that comes with being a Canadian citizen. Think of it as the benefits you gain being a citizen in your own country.

As fascinating as this sounds, there are certain conditions that automatically denies you the possibility of ever being a legitimate citizen in Canada. This includes previous prison, parole or probation sentences and being served a deportation order.

As a Canadian citizen, you are entitled to what every citizen in Canada enjoys. For example, you can vote and contest in elections, you can travel unhindered using your Canadian passport, there’s more chances of getting a job paying job in the country and a whole lot more.