How can I become a Massage therapist in 2022?

A massage therapist is someone that helps to relieve stress and tension by the use of the hands which includes; rubbing, kneading, patting or hitting to help the person relax.

Also getting a massage is one of the best ways to relax because of its procedure. A female massage therapist is called a MASSEUSE, while a male massage therapist is called a MASSEUR.

Now a massage parlour is a place where massage treatments are given, and they can be found all over the world. Giving a massage is like giving a patient treatment.

People make a good living by giving massage treatments because a lot of people are always in need of it. The only issue is that some might consider it to be expensive to afford.

There are people who want to be Masseuses and Masseurs, so it is advisable to apply to a Massage Therapy School. In this school of training, aspiring Masseuses and Masseurs would be groomed on how to be therapists with the various massage therapists programs.

please note that massages can sometimes be an intimate activity to the one receiving them, especially on certain parts of the body.

Going further, we would look at everything we need to know about massage therapists; How much is a massage therapist’s salary? How to enrol for a massage therapy program and the cost?

What Does a Massage Therapist Do?

As stated earlier, the massage therapist’s job is simply to relax your body off a lot of tension caused as a result of stress. They come in contact with focal points of the body muscles to aid treatment. Their concern is the overall wellness of the body.

It is their job to create a suitable environment first before any other thing is done.

A lot of times, they engage in conversations with the individual in need of a massage to truly understand the source of the stress and the areas affected the most.

Afterwards, they administer the necessary massages to relieve the stress-induced areas and problems.

They can go as far as they could to ensure the client maintains a healthy level of work stress to not aggravate those induced areas. Therapy is medicinal for some and that’s why they go the extra mile sometimes.

A massage therapist offers a couple of massage therapies which include Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Asian Bodywork, Sports Massage and Medical Massage.

These different massage techniques are used based on the client’s needs and condition.

A masseuse/masseur makes use of different substances (Oils and Lotions) and equipment (Heat lamps) in the course of their work and could also offer additional information for clients to use between sessions.

What Does it Require to be a Massage Therapist?

For an individual to be considered a certified massage therapist, they have to undergo training by registering for a massage therapy program.

These programs usually take weeks while some up to a full year as it requires that an aspiring therapist must have adequate practical training as well.

A trainee must complete between 330 – 1000 training hours depending on the program.

At the end of the training exercise, the aspiring masseuse or masseur is expected to take the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam (MBLEx).

This test often contains 100 questions that should be completed in under two hours, administered by the State Massage Therapy Association.

The exam includes subjects that talk about kinesiology, physiological effects of massage, ethics and so on.

Following the successful examination, the individual will then have to apply for a license from the state. This requires showing the MBLEx test scores as proof that you are a certified massage therapist.

Different states have different requirements for obtaining a license but your MBLEx scores must be included. So before enrolling in a massage therapy school, check to find out if their programs meet up with the minimum requirements of the state.

In addition, getting a certification earned by completing a specific number of clinical hours alongside taking an examination can also make it easier to get a license. Although this is not a requirement. You can as well decide to not opt for it and go the usual route.

What are the Cons of Being a Massage Therapist?

As interesting as being a massage therapist can be, it does have its drawdowns which could be associated with a lot of things.

Whatever the profession is, the greater the risk the greater the reward. Sometimes the pains of a professional might seem quite unbearable, but this is not the reason for discouragement as many have equally thrived.

What matters is the resilience to keep at it as long as YOU CAN. Emphasis on the “YOU CAN” because your health is very important if it’s in question.

One of the issues faced in the massage therapy profession is the physical toll. Standing for hours and making use of your hands, elbows, etc.

or even bent over a table giving massages for a long period of time can actually wear you out. All these can cause burnout.

Overworking your body can cause common injuries such as arthritis and tendonitis.

Another issue with the massage therapy profession is the inconsistent income. This is so because not everyone would consider taking a massage as a relief method from stress.

As stated earlier in the article, most people consider taking a massage from a professional unnecessary and expensive, so they look for a cheaper alternative.

But the good thing is, those who truly know the value of massage therapy would pay whatever the cost would be.

Stating the cons of this profession is not to deter you from pursuing it. It’s only to make you understand what you stand to face and how you can turn the tables in your favour.

You can practice physical self-care such as regular exercise, good sleep and proper nutrition to help combat the issue of overworking your body.

You can also work on your marketing skills to help you solve the issue of inconsistent clients and income. Keep a good relationship with all your clients.

Which Schools Offer Massage Therapy Programs?

We have decided to compile a list of schools that offer massage therapy programs for those who have a passion for the profession.

They offer full certification courses that will teach you the basics of massage therapy and even more.

Most schools that offer these courses are health institutes and have decided to add them to their curriculum. The schools include:

  • Lake Washington Institute of Technology:

This school is located in Kirkland, Washington, USA and boasts of a student count of over 3,000. It is known to offer various courses of which Massage Therapy/Therapeutic Massage is one.

This school is a member of the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges.

Lake Washington Institute of Technology instils knowledge in its students in a way that prepares them for employment, occupational skills and career change.

At the end of your program at the institution, you receive a certificate that qualifies you to be a professional masseur or masseuse, given that you have your license afterwards.

  • National University of Health Sciences:

The institution located in Lombard, Illinois, USA offers a certification course in Massage Therapy and an Associate course in Applied Sciences in Massage Therapy.

The students of this institution are being taught various massage techniques such as the Deep Tissue technique, Trigger Point Therapy, Swedish massage, etc.

One of the reasons why this school is particularly popular is the rate of success of its graduates at the licensing exams.

In 2015, the success rate of the students of the university at the licensing exam was 100%. Shocking right? This shows the level of excellence the school goes for in their courses.

  • Ohio College of Massotherapy:

One of many other schools that have a college specifically for massage therapy, the institution is in the Ohio Northern University.

This school stands to strive for excellence in teaching working adults as it is known to serve about 70 students.

The school was founded in May 1973 as the Buckeye College of Massotherapy as a non-profit educational institution. The private tuition fees are about $8,475.

The school also teaches her students courses in Business, Ethics, Psychology and Literature and provides career opportunities for them in massage offices and private practices.


  • Miami Dade College:

This institution is open to offering existing physical therapy and other healthcare practitioners a certified massage therapy course in her campus.

This course is taken on their campus in Miami, Florida and gives students an edge in becoming pros in the massage profession.

As a result of the direct entry into the college by already practising health professionals, it gives students the opportunity to skip the introductory classes.

This school, founded in 1959, is a public college that has 8 campuses and 21 outreach centres across Miami. It is also known for offering courses in the massage therapy section.

  • New York College of Health Professions:

Known to be the first ever college to offer a course in Massage Therapy in New York, the college offers individuals to take associate studies in the field.

Students get to attend presentations at the Luo Yang Medical Center to get an experience of Chinese culture.

The school also pushes for excellence in all its certified courses.

  • West Arizona College:

This college in the West Arizona city of Yuma offers students an associate degree in Applied Science and a Professional certificate in Massage Therapy.

They have a student clinic for stress relief and relaxation and the students learn the types of massage techniques and carry out clinical trials.

The school offers a master’s program in the course and offers paid internship to its professional massage therapist who only seeks to further in the field.

It is one of the highly recommended schools to learn the therapy and prepare for the MBLEx.

  • Parker University:

Parker University is one of the many schools that focus on personal and physical health. One of its courses is that of Massage Therapy.

The university boasts of producing energetic and highly ambitious graduates.

The school that offers courses like Health Information Management happens to give certificates for those who also enroll in their massage therapy certification courses.

It is also open to experienced men and women in the field who wish to further.

How Much Can a Massage Therapy Make?

There isn’t a specific amount a massage therapist can make. You get to set the price for your sessions depending on the techniques you make use of and how you handle your clients.

Massage therapists tend to make good money for their sessions and research shows that they make an average of $39,000 per year.

How Much Does It Cost to Enroll for a Massage Therapy Course?

This as well depends on the tuition of the school offering the course. The courses tend to cost between $6 to $17 per hour and the average cost being $9 to $10.

It’s also possible for one to receive training on the course from a professional, but a certificate might not be issued.


Many people do not realize the need of having a massage therapist as they tend to see it as a luxury not a necessity.

Considering the daily routines of everyday life and the stress attached, one way or another there has to be an effective stress relief therapy available for people.

The rewards of being a massage therapist is satisfactory considering that one has the flair for it. Though you wouldn’t expect anyone to go into learning how to be a therapist if there isn’t a passion for it.

With all that has been written in this article, you might now seem to understand more why people become massage therapists and why you should go into it if you ever considered it before.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can you learn how to become a massage therapist online?

  • Yes, you can. There are courses offered that teach individuals on how to be a professional massage therapist, though a certificate might not be issued.

Do people patronize massage therapists?

  • A good percentage of people are clients of massage therapists, but it is important to grow your network as a professional always as income might be inconsistent.

Is massage medical?

  • Massages are considered to be therapeutic and hence, medical. The courses are taken in most health institutions.

Is too much massage harmful?

  • Although applying excessive pressure on a particular point in the body can be dangerous, a professional would always know the right amount of pressure to apply on a particular point. It is for this reason there are various techniques. No professional massage therapist would deliberately apply excess pressure.

Is there a prescription on when to have massages?

  • No there isn’t. You can have a massage twice a day or even once a month, it depends on your needs and access to a masseuse


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