15 Highest Paid Photography Jobs | 2022 Review

15 Highest Paid Photography Jobs | 2022 Review

Before we get into the highest paid photography jobs in the world, we need to know that photographers have an interesting life travelling extensively, meeting new people, and obtaining unique experiences on a daily basis.

This job entails photographing beautiful models, things for sale, and even nature.

Photographers are good at what they do make compelling photos, creating pictures that are worth thousands of words. Besides, this is a never-ending career.

The excitement of seeing things in new ways via the lens of a camera should be enough to keep one’s enthusiasm alive, but we all know that isn’t the case; because we all need to survive while doing what we enjoy, money is constantly present.

Photography has progressed over time from simply shooting black-and-white photographs to currently requiring a wide range of extra talents such as editing, videography, and much more.

Photographers can expect to make a lot of money. However, wages, on the other hand, are highly dependent on the type of employment, region, years of experience, and other factors.

Those who work in front of or behind the camera have a lot of options. You can develop a successful career in photography by choosing any job that better suits your preferences.

Here are some of the greatest professional photography solutions available.

  • Stylist

A stylist works with models to create clothing and makeup, as well as plan photography compositions. Stylists come up with design concepts and sketch them out, either by hand or on a computer.

They may be required to manage a supply of commonly used fabric goods, as well as purchase, rent, or borrow props, such as model outfits or unique items like fake snow.

To keep the project on pace, stylists frequently collaborate with makeup artists, wardrobe specialists, scenario builders, and art directors.

A stylish selects clothing for a model or subject to wear during a photograph to create outfits for them. They work on picture shoots for magazines and fashion periodicals on a regular basis.

Stylists employ their fashion experience to guarantee that each person photographed looks exactly the way the director wants them too.

They also have a keen sense of colour, matching clothes and accessories. It is good to be aware of the most recent fashion trends.

If you want to work as a stylist, you’ll need to get some training. It will provide you with essential skills and increase your self-assurance.

Stylists make between $20,000 to 30,000 per year or roughly $25 per hour and therefore are considered as one of the highest paid photography jobs.

  • Commercial Photography

Commercial photographers present items and services to the public. They bring up the benefits of a product and make it look more desirable for marketing and advertising objectives.

Commercial photography surrounds a wide range of subjects, including technology, furniture, accessories, food, beverage products, construction materials, and beautiful perfumes from well-known brands.

The “face” of a product is its commercial image, which has a direct impact on whether it will be purchased. As a result, a commercial photographer should create an image that will displeasure the interest of a possible consumer.

Commercial photography necessitates a combination of expertise and skills, including photo editing and knowledge of image post-processing. Commercial photographers have a lot of responsibilities.

For record covers and posters, commercial music photographers, for example, generate visual content. This is very different from commercial photography for a massage parlour or a perfume bottle in terms of income and payout.

An annual salary for a commercial photographer is roughly $100,000 and therefore are considered as one of the highest paid photography jobs.. This figure includes license fees paid to the photographer in exchange for the right to use the images commercially. That is why, in order to apply for this job, you must have a fantastic portfolio.

  • Fashion Photography

One of the most sought-after jobs is fashion photography. A fashion photographer takes images of models or objects that will be depicted in publications, catalogues, ads, or models’ portfolios.

As a high fashion photographer, an editorial photographer, a street fashion photographer, or a runway fashion photographer, you can work in a variety of settings.

The purpose of this speciality is to offer a lifestyle or idea associated with the apparel to increase sales, it is firmly ingrained in marketing.

Fashion photographers frequently offer products to anyone who sees the images. They devote an outstanding amount of time to each image in order to achieve perfection.

Furthermore, such photographers are in charge of photographic composition. They should be able to posture models and make recommendations to them.

Salary ranges from $45,000 to $70,000 on average and therefore are considered as one of the highest paid photography jobs…

  • Photo Editor

A photo editor works on images after they’ve been taken, adding special effects and enhancing their visual attractiveness.

To improve an image, photo editors use computer programs to modify parameters such as lighting, exposure, colour, saturation, and other factors.

A competent editor must be creative, have outstanding organizing skills, and have exceptional interpersonal skills in addition to technical photography capabilities.

Some picture editors work for periodicals or websites, while others run their own businesses. An hourly wage for a photo editor is around $16.10. The average annual wage is $46,000 and therefore are considered as one of the highest paid photography jobs…

  • Photo-journalist

Photojournalists photograph important events in order to publish a photo report in newspapers or magazines.

They notice a variety of growing news items as well as thrilling sights such as ceremonies, sporting events, and political rallies.

Photojournalists broadcast news and tell stories through photographs. They usually work for news organizations.

However, if the person has sufficient experience, freelance work may be a viable option. A year’s salary for a photojournalist is $42,000 and therefore are considered as one of the highest paid photography jobs.

  • Photographer Assistant

Professional photographers require an assistant to assist them with anything they require during each phase of the photoshoot.

An assistant can help with a variety of responsibilities. It could entail finding a suitable shooting location, scheduling appointments, booking a photography studio, transporting and preparing equipment, and even assisting with photo editing.

To meet the demands of clients, assistants must be skilled communicators. They must also appropriately interpret their specifications and communicate the information to the photographer.

Photographer’s assistants can also help with editing, enhancing images for clients with digital upgrades. An assistant to a photographer earns about $14.33 per hour and therefore are considered as one of the highest paid photography jobs…

  • Portrait with Photography

Portraiture is an ageless art form. People engage portrait photographers to commemorate significant life events, professional accomplishments, family photographs, and headshots.

A portrait photographer is frequently required to create a natural, welcoming environment for the shoot. It’s critical that the photograph fulfils the customer’s expectations.

Photographers who specialize in portraits must have a thorough understanding of light, reflections, and angles.

Apart from photography, these professionals are typically self-employed and handle a number of other tasks, including scheduling appointments with clients, editing images, and framing photographs.

One of the highest-paying photography gigs is this one as their salary is up to $430000 annually.

  • Freelance Photographer

You have completely accomplished over your schedule as a freelance photographer. You are free to join any project that interests you. In any industry, from culinary photography to event photography, there are numerous opportunities and projects.

The income, however, is just transitory and seasonal. Furthermore, because there are so many freelance photographers on the market, you must stand out in order to remain competitive.

Having a personal brand and expanding your photography company contacts will be beneficial. Though you can focus on a single sphere until you gain enough experience and recognition to be recognized.

Weddings, food, medical, portrait photography, undersea life, and many more types of freelance photography are available.

  • Wedding Photography

A wedding photographer shoots photographs before, during, and after weddings.

Photographers for weddings aim to make each image timeless and attractive, and they know how to capture their subjects in movement.

They may snap candid images or pose people for photos, and each set of photos is usually edited after the event and provided to their clientele.

The average hourly wage for a wedding photographer is $17.24.

  • Landscape and Nature Photography

The majority of landscape and nature photographers travel all over the world and keep track of their discoveries and adventures.

For each photo, this work necessitates years of experience and considerable effort. Nature photography necessitates patience.

Wildlife photographers often spend weeks photographing a single species. The weather might be unpredictable at times, so a photographer may have to wait a few days to get the shot he or she has been waiting for.

It is a challenging photography niche to break into in practice. The compensation normally is $40,000 per year.

Most importantly, such photographers get extraordinary life experiences.

  • Photo Retouchers

By altering and modifying picture settings, a photo retoucher improves the features of digital photos.

Photo retouchers are widely employed in areas such as fashion, where each photograph must have a distinct appearance.

In essence, they utilize software to eliminate imperfections, smooth wrinkles, and disguise bodily alterations such as tattoos on the persons in the images they work on, as well as changing brightness and colour saturation.

They make an average of $15.59 per hour.

  • Lighting Technician

A lighting technician installs, programs, and operates lighting equipment as part of a group or team.

Using gels to adjust the colour of lighting fixtures or installing standing lights to improve the brightness of a room are instances of this.

Lighting technicians can work on film sets, events, and stage plays, among other things.

  • Models

Clothing, makeup, and jewellery are shown in Models. They are the centre of attention in the photographs.

Models put in a lot of hours and must know how to pose and act in front of the camera. Most models receive specialized instruction in order to grasp the fundamentals.

If you are fortunate enough to have a distinctive or attractive appearance, you should apply for this position.

Furthermore, models with an unusual appearance are in demand these days since they make the images interesting and unique.

It is critical to maintain your fitness and pay attention to your looks. The median annual pay for a Model is $52,000.

Pros: You will be successful if you are attractive and have an unusual appearance. It’s a fascinating and inventive piece of work.

Cons: Highly demanding, exhausting, and lack of proper hours of rest.

  • Makeup Artist

In the photography profession, a makeup artist designs and creates makeup looks for models, as well as recreates makeup looks for private clientele, such as brides, who are having their photographs taken.

Makeup artists work closely with stylists and hair stylists, and they are well-versed in colour theory, makeup supplies, and how to apply makeup in a number of ways on a variety of skin tones.

Many makeup artists are self-employed, but some work for agencies or salons that hire beauty teams. A makeup artist’s hourly wage is around $28.95.


Fashion photography and wildlife photography are the most popular of these high-paying photography occupations.

Medical photographers and stylists, for example, require specialized training or a diploma. Some spheres are difficult to enter for newcomers.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Occupational Handbook, the average hourly wage rate for photographers was $19.85 in May 2020.

To begin a successful photography profession, you must first develop a strong portfolio, acquire interpersonal skills, and make valuable contacts.

If you want to be hired for a high-paying job, you must first gain popularity in the sphere. Come up with new photographic ideas and try something new!

with all these, in place, you are sure to be able to stand out from the crowd and have the opportunity to work on a fantastic project.

As a photographer, your work is essentially freelancing, therefore you may have a season with a lot of work and then a season with no work.

Even in the most difficult situations, good photographers manage strict deadlines and develop vivid concepts. You will succeed, though, if you are creative, persistent, and enjoy photography.

If photography is your passion, you may easily make money from it. Hard work and a persistent drive to enhance your talents are all that is required.

Remember to always promote yourself and your abilities in a variety of different ways.


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