12 Things To Know Before Moving To Australia (Checklist)

Do you want to move to Australia? If yes, then there are things about living in the Land Down Under that you should know about before you finalize your decision.

Understand that Aussie culture is more than beer, the hot weather, and barbecues. Australia is a land of authentic varieties wherein you can ski and surf all in one day.

Beginning from its weather and down to its wildlife, everything is colourful, slightly dangerous, and still exciting.

One thing about Australia is that two people can have different experiences unless they get to follow each other around the country.

However, there are things we want you to know about Australia and that is why we have compiled this article.

All To Know When Moving To Australia

Some of the twelve things to know before moving to Australia permanently are:

1. Australia is huge

This country has been known to measure more than three million square miles. If we are to put this into perspective, Australia is roughly the size of Europe.

You can try to put a map of Australia over the map of Europe and it will pretty much cover everything.

More so, the difference between Portugal and Ukraine is less than the distance between Perth and Sydney.

We can fairly say that you will need a good supply of energy and time to see the entire country.

2. Australian weather differs a whole lot

There are lots of people who think that the Australian weather is the same everywhere. Note that, it is hot and sunny weather every day of the year in all corners of the country.
But that is not true.

This is because when it is summer in the South, it is practically a wet season in the North. As for Brisbane, it is fully blessed with a tropical climate while Melbourne has four seasons in one day.

In some parts of Australia, it snows a whole lot that you can get to ski there.

Australian weather differs a whole lot

3. Avoid the sun in Australia

When the sun shines in Australia, it does shine. The summer temperatures in some of the areas can be scorching. Some days it is over 40°C and it is expected to get to 50°C by the year 2040.

The recent heatwaves in Sydney have been noted to melt the tarmac roads and killed thousands, if not hundreds of baby bats. But, it is not just the heat that is dangerous.

As humans, we need the ozone layer of the Earth to protect us from the harmful UV rays of the sun. But, the ozone layer straight above Australia is very thin.

And, this makes the Australian sun to be very powerful. More so, this was why the Slip Slop Slap campaign of the 1980s was created.

But if you want to remain safe, you can slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen cream, and slap on a hat. It is in this order.

4. Expect the bushfires

When all the conditions are set right, a huge part of rural Australia can suddenly light up in flames. Sadly, the conditions are right too often.

Each year, this country gets to experience an average of more than fifty thousand bushfires. If the temperatures are high and the winds are powerful, the dry vegetation of Australia provides the perfect fuel for a fire.

All it simply takes is for something to start it like a bushfire arsonist or a lightning storm. If you never knew, bushfire arsonists are pretty common in Australia.

However, after these bushfires subside, the damage can be very devastating as it destroys buildings, kills people, and destroys wildlife.

The best you can do is to ensure that you do not have much natural debris around the house. This means you will have to clear the fallen leaves and branches compulsorily.

Get ready with your rake as you move.

5. Amazing healthcare options

Similar to barbecues, healthcare is free in Australia. It is known as Medicare and you will be capable of using it so long as you have your permanent residency.

You can also note the series of amazing agreements between some countries and Australia. An example is that temporary visitors to Australia from the UK and New Zealand can get access to Medicare.

Nevertheless, it is a wise move to consider private medical cover whenever you are out in Australia.

With about four levels of annual cover to select from and additional modules for more flexibility, Cigna will practically sort you out with a plan that will be suitable for your needs.

Amazing healthcare options


6. Australian ski holidays are not a myth

In Australia, there is a place known as the Australian alps and it gets more snowfall than even Switzerland. It is regarded as a fact that Australians love to tell people about this place.

And, you can get them annoyed when you mention that you already know this fact. Understand that, getting accepted as a member of the Australian community is pretty vital.

And, most of the ski locations in the country are located in the Southeast like the Perisher Resort. It is located in the Snowy mountains between the Snowy Plain and the Snowy River. Those are the real names.

Nevertheless, the Aussie snow levels are falling gradually.

7. Smoking costs a whole lot

Since Australia does not encourage its citizens to smoke, they have made it very expensive. If you are a smoker you will be made to pay $0.7 of tax for each cigarette.

This is one of the highest tobacco duties in the globe. However, it gets to increase as every September until 2020, the tax rate increases by 12.5 per cent.

This makes a pack of cigarettes to be bought $40. It gets to work as the adult smoking rate in the country has been halved since the year 1980.

More so Deutsch Bank listed Sydney and Melbourne as the two most expensive cities in the world for purchasing a pack of cigarettes since their prices are roughly $20.

If you have the habit of smoking, it may be time to kick the habit before you get to this country. And while you plan to move here, you will have to convert your savings into Aussie dollars.

Do not use high street banks for the procedure as you will be made to pay higher fees and you will not get the best exchange rate.

8. Remain on the Left

Does almost everyone know that Aussies drive on the left but are you aware that they walk on the left as well? Since it seems like a sensible system, it is surprising that most countries have not adopted this method yet.

In the United Kingdom, the orderly Road system falls apart once you are on the pavement. This means that you can walk on any side you want.

However, in Australia, there are some rules to follow when you walk on foot. Except you are overtaking on an escalator, you are to remain on the left.

It is not a crime to walk on the right but of course, people will think of you as an idiot.

Remain on the left system

9. Jaywalking is known as a crime

In Aussie, you cannot cross the road anytime you feel like it unless you want to spend the remainder of your life in a prison cell.

That’s a joke though as the penalty is simply paying a fine of AUD$70. However, you should still be wary of jaywalking.

Between the years 2014 and 2017, more than ten thousand New South Wales pedestrians were fined because they jaywalked. Note that, the rules here are pretty simple.

You must make use of a designated crossing point like the pelican or zebra crossing. If you do not see one then you are to walk for miles till you do.

You must have noticed by now that the laid-back reputation of Australia does not apply to their walking system.

It is advisable to stay at home if you will not adhere to this rule properly.

10. There is more to life in Australia than its cities

More than ninety per cent of Australians live in the cities so it only makes sense that they get almost all the attention. When people are asked to mention places in Australia, Melbourne and Sydney easily come to mind.

Well, you are in for a shocker as some of the places like Uluru or Kata Tjuta will impress you. There are amazing places in Australia that will leave you impressed when you get far from the city.

You can visit places like the Blue mountains, Promontory and even the Boodjamulla. With this, you will be away from the air con though you can take some handheld fans with you.

11. Do not be bothered about the wildlife

Almost everyone believes that Australia is filled with animals that solely aim to get them. Well, this is a stereotype that will not be going away for a long time.

Nevertheless, you will spend your time worrying about some other things such as bushfires and sunburn.

While you may have read a lot about the wildlife in Australia, we must let you know that there are only two species of deadly spiders in this country and anti-venom are available for them.

No Australian has been recorded dying from a spider bite since the year 1979. And, stingrays only killed two people of which one was the popular Steve Irwin. On average, there is just one unprovoked fatal shark yearly. Think about this before you move to Australia.

If these statistics do not soothe you, there are some precautions you can follow up on when you get to Australia like never entering the sea.

Do not be bothered about the wildlife

12. Beware of the magpies

For roughly six weeks each spring, the magpies are always out to get someone. No jokes here. These birds are super aggressive and will surely swoop down on unsuspecting cyclists or pedestrians.

And even if you are suspecting, you will probably be doomed. You will find a website called the Maggie Alert which offers a live map of every magpie attack location in the country.

This is a good way of knowing the streets to avoid though it will only make you want to remain indoors. The male magpies tend to target people from about eighty meters away and they dive-bomb them from above the sky.

This may sound funny but their beaks are painful. And, cyclists are advised to attach googly eyes or cable ties to their helmets to make themselves look ridiculous.

Plus, pedestrians are encouraged to carry sticks though they are not to swing them too hard. Think about this before you move to Australia.

Interestingly, magpies are a protected species in the country and have been protected since the year 1992.


beautiful view - 12 Things To Know Before Moving To Australia


We have provided you with twelve things to know before moving to Australia.

Ensure you read through so you have an idea of the major things you might be up against when you get to this country.


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