Easy Way to Apply for a Job at Apple in 2022

What’s your dream job? Many people have one, but they don’t necessarily know how to get it. Do you want to Apply for a Job at Apple? Landing a job at Apple may seem like an impossible task, but with the right strategy, you can be just as likely to get that job as any other applicant! Read this article to learn about 7 steps to landing your dream job at Apple.

Do your research

A lot of people assume that getting your foot in Apple’s door is as simple as submitting an application. But if you think it’s going to be as easy as putting together a resume and filling out an online form, you’re mistaken. First things first: do your research! Read up on what jobs are available, figure out which ones suit your skillset and check out Glassdoor for salary information—these details will help you decide whether or not it makes sense to apply for any given job. It’ll also give you some material to include in your cover letter! Just make sure you tweak anything that seems like it might violate NDA (non-disclosure agreement) agreements.

Know which jobs are right for you First, you’ll need to figure out which jobs are right for you. The jobs that Apple is hiring for vary based on location and experience level, but here are some example positions: design engineer, engineer intern, technical program manager, quality assurance specialist. Take stock of your past job experiences and make note of ones that may be helpful in securing a job with Apple. Then use those experiences as references when you apply!

Write an amazing cover letter The hiring manager will likely spend a full minute (if not more) on your cover letter. You have one shot to show him you’re what he’s looking for, so make it count. If you come across as disorganized and unprofessional, don’t expect an interview request. The company has probably received hundreds of applications, so yours needs to stand out in every way possible if you want it to be considered. Here are some best practices to consider when writing your cover letter

Build relationships

If you’re serious about applying for a Job at Apple and landing a job, you should be networking. The more people that know who you are and what your skill set is, the better. In order to make connections in an organization like Apple, begin with classmates from school, past co-workers and industry professionals. Ideally, each of these connections should become a friend and not just a name on your Linkedin account. This is valuable since these people may either hire or refer candidates for jobs. And don’t underestimate getting out there as much as possible—you can also network via social media! Start following all of your company’s social accounts (not just Twitter) so that they are aware of who you are when they post positions available.

Get ready

Don’t count on landing your dream job out of college. Consider what skills you could learn that would help you land a job with Apple—from project management to public speaking to client development—and focus on those in school and through internships. And when searching for internships or jobs, look beyond job boards and reach out directly to companies to show how much you want their jobs. Start by researching which roles are currently open in your company of choice, then send personalized emails describing why you’re excited about working there and how it matches up with your long-term career goals. (See above: Don’t just apply.) Here are some sample templates that might get you started.

Prepare yourself

Sure, you know that working at one of today’s most revered tech companies is an aspiration of many, but that doesn’t mean it should be your goal. To start your journey toward landing a job with Apple, you have to have some goals. But preparing yourself means more than just sending out resumes or researching what to wear—you need to determine where you are in life and what kind of job you want. For example, if starting a family is something you want to do soon, working long hours and traveling frequently might not be ideal. If raising funds for your new company is taking up your time now, being able to spend evenings and weekends getting things off the ground might be important.

Go all in

If you really want to work at Apple, it’s worth thinking big. This means asking yourself if there’s anything you can do that would make you more memorable or desirable to employers. For example, are there any skills or extra-curricular activities you can use to demonstrate your passion? Even something as simple as reading relevant trade publications could impress recruiters. Keep in mind: If someone’s going to spend 20 minutes reading your resume, they should see something interesting right away! It never hurts to be bold when it comes to job hunting. No one ever got ahead by playing it safe.


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